Spend your money wisely and support our mission of a safer, cleaner, healthier, more beautiful and economically sustainable valley. Buy one SVENA family membership for $20 and include as many family members as you would like. Individual membership is $10.

Membership numbers are important and help with lobbying the government and corporations.

Pay by check or PayPal. Send your check to SVENA 34825 Sultan Startup Rd. Sultan, WA 98294. Send your payment by PayPal, choose an option “Sending to a friend” and address it to Please let us know number of Image result for paypal picturefamily members you would like to include for your family membership. Please support SVENA by donating.

Any person or organization interested in helping the Group fulfill its purposes is eligible for membership.

Applicants shall be admitted to membership on making payment of the first annual dues.

Disclaimer: membership and donations to SVENA are not yet tax deductible.