Current Projects

Please find more information about each project at the drop-down menu or use links below:

Reiter Foothills
Chemical Spraying
Clearcut Logging
Water Quality and Quantity
Sky River Damming / Hydro Projects
Hwy 2 and Hwy 522
Logging-Erosion-Flooding-Fire Hazard
Railroad Pollution
Tourism and Recreation Industry
Eco-Friendly Products and Practices

At present, we are working on the following:

> promotion of tourism and recreation that bring money and jobs to the Valley, and lobbying for development of advanced supporting infrastructure including large-capacity highways;

> improvement of industrial tree farming practices, such as toxic herbicide spraying and clearcut logging, for many industrial tree farms of the Skykomish River Valley that can be harmful to public health and safety, water quality, local tourism, recreation and other businesses, and environment;

>  improvement of water quality and quantity that is important to everyone in the Valley unless you are hooked to an alpine-lake water line;

> distribution  of information to the local community about tree farming practices, community preparedness for toxic railroad spills and other toxic railroad contamination such as creosote.