Hwy 2 & Hwy 522

SVENA supports and appreciates all efforts and work of members of the U. S. 2 Safety Coalition towards increasing capacity of Hwy 2 and Hwy 522 and making both highways safer.

Stevens Pass Highway Near Sultan, WA 1934

Stevens Pass Highway (or Hwy 2) near Sultan, WA 1934

According to USFS,  Hwy 2 has 4.2 M cars passing annually.

U.S. 2 Safety Coalition Facebook page


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“Coalition pushing state lawmakers to improve SR 522”, King 5 News story 1-31-2016


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“U.S. 2 Safety Coalition adding $58M State Route 522 funding to 2016 advocacy plan”, article in the Monroe Monitor 1-4-2016


Hwy 522 East of I405 at a rush hour 10-2-2015. Cars were barely moving at a famous bottle neck of the highway. This picture is the same every day.

Hwy 522