11-2015 Update

Dear Sky Valley Residents,
First of all, I wish happy and safe holidays to you and your family!  May this holiday season bring you more peace, more quality time with your family and more happy memorable moments.
Originally SVENA stood for Sky Valley Environmental Alliance. The main cause of this group is environmental. Since the group is promoting healthy sustainable economy and especially sustainable  tourism and recreation industry in the Valley, it would be wise to include economic aspect in its name. A group of several people agreed to include this in the name of the group – Sky Valley Environmental and Economic Alliance. For convenience and easy pronunciation, we think the abbreviation should stay the same – SVENA. Please let me know if you object to the name of the group and your reasons.
In order to pursue a legal action, we have to set forth a basic mission, membership criteria, and decision-making structure. This facilitates advocacy and also is helpful in demonstrating that our organization has “standing”. We are working on SVENA Bylaws that will be signed and become official next week.  Attached please find Word and PDF files with the latest draft of Bylaws which includes our purposes, mission, core values and other details. Annual membership is $10.
Please consider becoming a member of SVENA for the sake of our Valley and let me know if you would like to do so. I will need your name, address, email, phone number, and annual dues for records.
Membership numbers matter when lobbing the government and business organizations.
We continue working with WFLC (Washington Forest Law Center) and finding ways to stop logging next to Wallace Falls State Park that will greatly impact the Park and the Valley. Moonbeam and Singletary Timber Sales border Wallace Falls State Park and are a gate to more timber harvesting in the future next to the Park. They were recently sold despite of protests attempts of many people and organizations to stop this timber sales or find other alternatives. Both timber sales are on state land.
Snohomish County is reviewing the permit application to build a bridge at May Creek, and DNR is doing the related SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act). Snohomish County Planning Department received many comments, including comments  from Audubon Society, for 15-114333-000-00-SHOR WDNR May Creek Bridge (Singletary Timber Sale). If you sent comments, BIG THANK YOU!
We are working with WFLC attorneys on drafting a 60-day notice letter on potential Clean Water Act claims. The idea here is that the Clean Water Act requires a special permit for any situation that requires dredging or filling instream. These bridges and culverts involve that type of activity, so it is likely that a permit is required and DNR did not get one.  Sending a “notice letter” warns DNR about potential liability and would give negotiating leverage or potentially stop construction and logging.

There will be a hearing titled “Impact of logging on public health and safety, home values and tourism industry in the Sky Valley” at the Natural Resources and Parks Committee in Olympia. I am working with our local Senator Kirk Pearson, who is the Chair of the Committee, to set a date for the hearing. The Committee will again begin meeting in the middle of January so the decision for the date and time of the hearing will be made in the beginning of next year. I will meet Senator Pearson on December 9 to discuss details and procedure for the hearing. Please let me know if you would like me to pass a pertinent message to Senator Pearson.  
Would you please spare several minutes and send your happy holiday wishes to Sultan, Gold Bar and Index Mayors and City Council Members, and also share your thoughts on importance of color green in the Valley – for environment and economy – and as a popular holiday color.
Please consider becoming a reviewer of FPAs and let me know if you would like to do so. Tree farmers send these filled forms to DNR before they start any activities. You will know if there is toxic spraying or logging next to your home that can affect your and your family’s health, safety and value of your property.
The review system is online and available to the public. Notifications of new applications are sent to your email address. There are three simple steps for becoming a reviewer. After a bit of practice, reviewing and commenting can become efficient and should not take much time.
I received this month three FPAs. All three applications where for logging in Sky Valley in the following locations and the landowners:
814666FPA#2, Monroe-Sultan area, 130 acres, owner: DNR
FPA#2814873, Sultan area, 40 acres, owner: Springboard Wallace Falls
FPA#2814390, Monroe-Sultan area, 117 acres, owner: DNR

Please spread the word about SVENA and our mission to your family, friends and neighbors.
As always, thank you for helping to make Sky Valley more healthy and beautiful.
Warm regards,
Inessa Pearce
SVENA, Founder
Rocky’s Retreat, Owner
Sultan, WA
Note: If you would like me to remove you from SVENA mailing list, please send me an email with a subject “Remove me from SVENA mailing list”. Please let me know if somebody would like to receive our updates.