12-2019 Update

Dear Skykomish Valley Residents,Happy New Year winter snow forest

Happy and prosperous New Year to you and your families!

Next two large clearcuts are coming soon to the Reiter Foothills. Brushcrasher Timber Sale and Sky River Timber Sale by DNR (Department of Natural Resources) are 210 acres and 221 acres with a total of 22,841 feet of road construction for both.

Reiter Foothills is Snohomish County land and is adjacent to the busy and overused Wallace Falls State Park. The quality of landscape, recreational user experience and economic potential for rural communities of Gold Bar and Sultan are deteriorating fast due to extensive clearcutting and toxic spraying on this public land.

More Information:

Reiter Foothills and Maps 

Brushcrasher Timber Sale, FPA #2817286

Sky River Timber Sale, FPA #2817265 

Map of Approximate Locations of the Brushcrasher and Sky River Timber Sales

Chemical Spraying 


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