Becoming FPA Reviewer

There are three simple steps to become a reviewer:

1. Go to and create a new SAW (Secure Access Washington) account in Create one;

2. Complete a form “FPA Reviewer Profile Form”, save it to your computer and send it by email as a file attachment to;

Section 1 Personal Information

Section 2 Select the type of agency: DNR (Forest Practices)

Section 3 What FPA/Ns do you wish to review: check “Only certain FPA/Ns

Section 5 Select FPA/Ns by geographic area(s): check “Public Land Survey” and write “Snohomish County, your location Monroe/Sultan/Gold Bar or Index”.

T.28,N.R.6E; T.27,N.R.6E (Monroe)

T.28, N.R.7E; T27,N.R.7E (Monroe)

T.28, N.R.8E; T.27, N.R.8E (Sultan)

T.28, N.R.9E; T.27, N.R.9E (Gold Bar)

T.27, N.R.10E (Index)

3. Log in in your SAW account with your user ID / password, go to “Add a New Service” tub, select “Department of Natural Resources”, and then select “Forest Practices Reviewer Profile” service. Please make sure you chose the correct service.

Now you are all set and will get automatic notifications to your email address about new documents coming. Please find full list of instructions and information here.