Singletary Timber Sale $$$

Singletary Timber Sale

Snohomish County, State Forest Transfer Land- Trust 01- Tax Code Area #5520

The Singletary Timber Sale is located on State Forest Transfer Trust Land in Snohomish County. It is located within Tax Code Area #5520. In 2017 the sale sold for $1,731,121. Singletary Timber Sale is a scale sale which means that the final actual value of the sale will fluctuate given both market conditions and products removed at conclusion of the sale.

Twenty-five percent of the revenue ($432,780) generated by the timber sale would be kept by Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for land management activities related to generating revenue such as laying out the sale, marking boundaries, protecting streams and wetlands, replanting trees, and caring for the land. Seventy-five percent of the revenue ($1,298,341) generated by the timber sale would be distributed to Snohomish County.

Once the county receives revenue from a timber sale it is the responsibility of the county to distribute funds in the same manner as general taxes. County distribution tax tables are updated on an annual basis by the County Assessor.

If timber revenue is generated in 2017, it is DNR’s understanding that the county would be distribute its portion as follows:

$114,475 Snohomish County – Regular
$193,206 Snohomish County Roads
$4,880 Snohomish County Conservation Futures
$275,258 State School Levy – General Fund to Support School Funding

$516,304 Sultan School District Maintenance & Operations (M & O) /Deductible Revenue- NOTE: These funds are routed to the local school district; however, they are deducted by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) from the districts’ apportionment funding. These M & O funds benefit OSPI statewide school funding.

$29,624 Sultan School District Bond- these funds are kept by the individual school district

$40,479 Valley General Hospital
$56,391 Sno-Isle Library
$67,723 Fire District 26 EMS

1Based on the Snohomish County tax distribution table for tax area #5520 in the “Snohomish County Assessor’s Annual report for 2017 Taxes”. All numbers should be verified for accuracy with the Snohomish County Treasurer and Snohomish County Assessor.

NOTE: Numbers are estimates rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

6-5-17 Draft- Subject to Change Without Notification