Volunteer for SVENA

ADOPT-SKY-VALLEY CLEANUP: Leaders and volunteers who help us maintain our beautiful Valley.

ARTISTS: Photographers, musicians, and graphic designers who share their talent and creativity to brighten our website, publications and events.

BOARD MEMBERS: Volunteers on steroids who shoulder the responsibility for steering SVENA’s ship.

BUSINESS OWNERS: Who donate coffee, organic produce, baked goods, and catering gear for meetings and events.

CATERERS: These are the skilled home gardeners, cooks, bakers and artistic food arrangers who power our potlucks and events with love.

DETECTIVES: Who hunt down critical information, from fact-checking rumors to requesting public documents, conducting historical research and processing and analyzing sometimes massive amounts of data to assist decision-making.

EDITORS: Spell-checking and fact-checking our website content, public comments, press releases, and newsletter articles.

EXPERTS AND PROFESSIONALS: Who help us develop and adapt strategies on a variety of issues from clearcut logging to toxic chemical spraying from helicopters.

EDUCATORS: Who bring friends and neighbors up to speed on issues that affect the community, and help new people get involved.

ISSUE LEADERS: People who agree to take responsibility for leading a group, and doing most of the heavy lifting on researching and developing positions and drafting comments on complex and long term issues like use of herbicides and pesticides in populated areas.

PROMOTERS: The folks who get the word out to everyone who will listen, gather signatures, talk to the media, and aren’t afraid to be passionate.

RADIO HELPERS: We would like to get volunteer help writing and editing radio spots.

TECH SUPPORT: Beloved geeks who make it possible for a bunch of Luddites to operate in the modern world, helping us with everything from GIS and mapping to website development, databases, e-marketing and computer maintenance.

WATCHDOGS: The network of people who keep an eye on the Legal Ads, ears to the ground for development proposals of all kinds, and an emerging effort to attend government meetings and report back on what they learn.