10-2018 Update

Dear Sky Valley Residents,Vote with Pride

SVENA stands for Skykomish Valley Environmental & Economic Alliance. Our mission is to protect an environmentally and economically sustainable future of the Skykomish River Valley. We are working towards a safer, cleaner, healthier, more beautiful and economically sustainable place to live, work and visit. You can find more information at our website svena.orgSVENA does not affiliate with any political party but supports candidates who have similar goals and vision.

Mary Rollins for PUD 10-2018

Mary Rollins for PUD #1, District 1

1. Please vote! General Election is till November 6, 2018 8 pm. Snohomish County Voters’ Guide, Voter’s Pamphlet, Elections and Voter Registration, District Maps and Election Results.

2. SVENA endorsed Mary Rollins and Rebecca Wolfe as candidates for positions of PUD #1 Commissioners, District 1 and 2. Mary Rollins’ Facebook page . Rebecca Wolfe’s website , Facebook page and a video. PUD District Map 

3. Interesting reads: “PUD Board candidates question ‘secrecy’ in CEO hiring process”, Everett Herald 9-16-2018

Rebecca Wolfe 2018

Rebecca Wolfe for PUD #1, District 2

4. Some facts:

Snohomish County has 450,000 registered voters;

In 2017 General Election, 148,000 Snohomish County voters – or 33% – and 4.3 million Washington State voters – or 37% – returned their ballots;

On February 4, 2018 103 million Americans out of 327 million total U.S. population watched Super Bowl 52. In 2017, the cost for a 30-second advertisement spot during the Super Bowl broadcast reached a record 5 million U.S. dollars.

5. It takes only a couple of minutes to check the latest FPAs for Sky Valley (Forest Practice Applications) and more information about FPAs. We encourage that you look out for your neighborhood and watershed in terms of logging, toxic chemical spraying and trash that can affect your health and safety as well as those of your family. The value of your property and business depend on your vigilance. More information is in three simple steps for becoming an FPA reviewer.


Logo of SVENA

SVENA is working to bring a substantial value and benefit to the Skykomish Valley. Please support our efforts and visit SVENA website, become a sponsor or a member, join our Facebook Group, or simply click on a “Like” button at our Facebook page. Please spread the word, share this page with your family, friends and neighbors, let us know if you have questions / economic, public health or environmental concerns, interesting facts, photos, or if you would like to add someone to the mailing list or to opt out of receiving SVENA updates.

Warm regards,

Inessa Pearce
SVENA (Skykomish Valley Environmental & Economic Alliance)