6-2019 Update

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We hope you and your family will have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday!Happy 4th of July

CAMP process for Wallace Falls State Park, one of the busiest parks in WA State with over annual 225,000 visitors, is in its final stage of preparing the final recommendations to the Washington State Parks Commission. CAMP stands for Classification and Management Planning.

 Long-term planning of Wallace Falls State Park (CAMP process) 

Wallace Falls State Park 


Map of Planned Non-motorized DNR Trails

Reiter Large Map 2019

DNR map of Reiter Foothills

Reiter Foothills is a 10,000 acres of Snohomish County land, tree plantations and sprayed clearcuts that are managed by DNR (WA State Department of Natural Resources). Reiter is adjacent to Wallace Falls State Park. It has a high chance of becoming a large-scale national and international attraction and destination for recreation of several different user groups, such as hikers, bikers, equestrians and ATV riders. It can also have high-quality of landscape and user experience that are very important for the tourism and recreation industry. This all in turn has a big ECONOMIC POTENTIAL for rural communities of Gold Bar, Sultan, as well as for the Skykomish River Valley and the whole Snohomish County.

WFSP timber sales

2018 map for timber sales around Wallace Falls State Park

As of today, DNR NW Region destined most of Reiter Foothills for multiple clearcuts (for timber sales please see the 2018 map on the right and Map of Planned Non-motorized DNR Trails) and toxic herbicide spraying. Revenue from timber sales goes to the Snohomish County, state school system and local tax districts: Sultan School District, fire districts, hospital and library. Note: state public school system currently has one of the highest many- billion-dollar budget.

Please send a message of support for the future non-motorized trail system on the county land to Randy Kline (Director NW Region for State Parks) randy.kline@parks.wa.gov, Dave Somers (Snohomish County Executive) dave.somers@snoco.org and Hilary Franz (WA State Commissioner or Public Lands) hilary.franz@dnr.wa.gov.

SVENA endorsed Megan Dunn as a candidate for a position of Snohomish County Council member, District 2. She has the best qualifications and experience for this position. As a representative of District 2 at the County Council, she pledges to prioritize sustainable development and environmental conservation. More information

We have so much to be proud of in our Snohomish County: a thriving economy, a wealth of local businesses and a tradition of improving and protecting our quality of life. We are fortunate to have strong aerospace and manufacturing industries, outstanding higher educational institutions and a robust farm and agricultural sector. At the same time we face serious challenges created by population growth, transportation constraints and a shortage of affordable housing.

_Megan Dunn_364-1 crop

Megan Dunn is a candidate for a position of Snohomish County Council member, District 2.

Megan has three priorities: 

  • LIVABILITY through support for improving our quality of life and through expansion of programs to treat the drug addictions and mental health problems that impact street crime and homelessness; and by fully supporting public safety with adequate staffing for law enforcement officers and human services personnel.
  • SUSTAINABILITY through public-private investment in “green” construction and renewable energy projects; by targeted spending to address our county’s infrastructure and transportation needs; and by promoting our county’s incredible natural resources and outdoor recreation and tourism opportunities.
  • AFFORDABILITY by supporting planned high-density housing projects that preserve farmland and open spaces; by prioritizing workforce training to equip people with the trades and high-tech skills needed for the jobs of the future; and by partnering with private industry to promote local agricultural and small business expansion to create family-wage jobs.


Our valley has a big potential for wildfire in the dry season. With informed and alert community, we can reduce this potential to a minimum.Fire and fire fighters 2018, courtesy DNR

911 is the best number to report a wildfire.

Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is the biggest fire department in our state. Its website has a lot of useful information for wildfire.

DNR Wildfire Resources

DNR Prepare for Wildfire

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