Contacts for Toxic Sprays

Contact List for Press and Elected


WA State Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Hilary Franz, Commissioner of Public Lands

WA State Department of Natural Resources – DNR Northwest Region


Travis Ridgway, Manager, North Washington Region, Weyerhaeuser

Tim La Fountaine, lead forester for Columbia Timberlands, Weyerhaeuser,

Wes Worden,  Harvest Manager for Columbia Timberlands, Weyerhaeuser ;

Kelly Dougherty, forester for Weyerhaeuser;

Emily Conkin 360-424-2014,;

Campbell Global:

Mark Baugh, forester for Campbell Global;

Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI):

John Gold, manager for Sierra Pacific Industries 360-424-7619 x210,

Doug Sand, forester for Sierra Pacific Industries 360-424-7619 x211.

> Snohomish County Council;  

> Sam Low, Snohomish County Council, 5th District;

> Keith Wagoner, Senator, 39 Legislative District

> Robert Sutherland, Rep., 39 Legislative District

> Carolyn Eslick, Rep., 39 Legislative District

> EPA Region 10 (Environmental Protection Agency – EPA approves chemicals for use after manufacturing companies such as Dow AgroSciences or Monsanto prove that they are safe and good for your health and environment. Fun facts: Dow and DuPond are having a merger with a total for both of about $83 billion! As did Weyerhaeuser and Plum Creek in 2016 with a total for both about $23 billion! 83+23=$106 billion);

> Neil Lanning, WA Dep. of Ag., Pesticide Management Division 360-688-0103, (WA Dep. of Ag. approves chemicals for use in WA State);

> Jennifer Sievert, WA Dep. of Health 360-236-3338 (counts casualties and makes recommendations);

> Senate Natural Resources and Parks Committee (this committee oversees WA State Department of Natural Resources – DNR):,, 

> WA State Board of Natural Resources (BNR) (decides big topics and issues for WA State Department of Natural Resources – DNR);

> Hilary Franz, WA State Commissioner of Public Lands (head of WA State Department of Natural Resources – DNR);

> DNR Northwest Region (gives permits to tree farmers for toxic spraying);

> Forest Practices Board (FPB) (oversees tree farming practicies including spraying);

> Snohomish County Health District & Board of Health 425.339.5200;

> WA State Board of Health .