8-2018 Update

Dear Sky Valley Residents,

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Photo courtesy of Washington State DNR

SVENA stands for Skykomish Valley Environmental & Economic Alliance. Our mission is to protect an environmentally and economically sustainable future of the Skykomish River Valley. We are working towards a safer, cleaner, healthier, more beautiful and economically sustainable place to live, work and visit. You can find more information at our website svena.org.

SVENA does not affiliate with any political party but supports candidates who have similar goals and vision.


  1. Toxic aerial and ground spraying for summer-fall 2018
  2. DNR Wildfire Resources, Effective Aug. 2, DNR Bans Outdoor Burning Statewide, Special Notice: Temporary Target Shooting Bans in Forested Landscapes
  3. September 26, 6 pm in Everett – next public meeting of Reiter Foothills Public Forum
  4. September 20, 9 am to 5 pm in Okanogan – final public meeting with the State Parks commissioners for Long-term planning of Wallace Falls State Park (CAMP process);
  5. Interesting reads and videos:

> King 5 News Covering Weyerhaeuser’s Intent to Apply Toxic Herbicides Near Lake Cavanaugh in Skagit County, 8-24-3018

> Jurors give $289 million to a man they say got cancer from Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller”, CNN 8-11-2018

> “Court orders EPA to ban Chlorpyrifos, pesticide tied to children’s health problems”, The NY Times 8-9-2018

  1. Some facts: Timber corporations and DNR aerially or manually spray pesticides on industrial tree plantations every year in dry, fairly calm weather. Nevertheless, PESTICIDES OFTEN DRIFT AND RELOCATE IN AIR, SOIL, AND WATER. Pesticides are applied at the entire West Coast of the U.S. and beyond on a massive scale.

EPA registers chemicals for use nationally, however registration does NOT guarantee safety. The WA State Department of Agriculture is the regulatory agency in charge of enforcing laws regarding the use of pesticides in WA State.

Aerial pesticide spraying on tree plantations requires permits by DNR (Department of Natural Resources). Meanwhile, ground pesticide spraying does not require any permits. FPA (Forest Practice Application) for aerial pesticide spraying is valid for 3 years. Aerial spraying can take place at any time during those 3 years from the date of approval. The same area can be sprayed more than once during those 3 years.

Some forest landowners notify adjacent property owners in advance of an aerial  spray, but it is not required by law. It is worth asking for such information, if sprays are planned nearby.


Chapter 35.88 RCW “Water Pollution—Protection From”

RCW 70.54.010 “Polluting Water Supply – Penalty”

What to do before, during and after toxic aerial spraying

SVENA Chemical Spraying page


Contact List for Toxic Sprays  and Contact List for Press and Elected Officials

  • 2018 active aerial spray applications with maps for the Skykomish River Valley watershed:

NEW Weyerhaeuser: 2816567 94.7 ac (Gold Bar area)
NEW Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI): 2816509 63 acres (Gold Bar area)
NEW Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI): 2816517 46 acres (Sultan area)
Weyerhaeuser: 2816330 146 acres including 70 acres (Gold Bar area)

Some aerial spray ingredients include Glyphosate, Imazapyr, Atrazine, Clopyralid, Hexazinone, Indaziflam, 2,4-D.toxic-chemical sign

  • 2017 active aerial spray applications with maps for the Skykomish River Valley watershed:

Weyerhaeuser: 2815918  (Gold Bar area)
Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI): 2815962 , 2815963 (Gold Bar area); 2815964, 2815965, (Sultan area), 2815966 (Monroe area)

  • 2016 active aerial spray applications for the Skykomish River Valley watershed:

Campbell Global / Springboard Wallace Falls: 2815371 (Sultan and Gold Bar area)
Weyerhaeuser: 2815270 (Gold Bar area)

  • 2015 active aerial spray applications for the Skykomish River Valley watershed:

Campbell Global / Springboard Wallace Falls : 2814793  (Sultan and Gold Bar area)

EXPIRED 2814707 by Weyerhaeuser (approved by DNR 8-20-2015, expired 8-20-2018)
EXPIRED 2814705 by Springboard Wallace Falls / Campbell Global (Sultan and Gold Bar areas, approved by DNR 8-19-2015, expired 8-19-2018)

Contacts of Interest for Toxic Aerial and Ground Sprays:


->Kelly Dougherty: 360-424-2014, kelly.dougherty@weyerhaeuser.com,
->Wes Worden: wes.worden@weyerhaeuser.com,
-> Travis Ridgway: travis.ridgway@weyerhaeuser.com


-> Doug Sand, SPI Forester: 360-424-7619×211, dsand@spi-ind.com
-> John Gold, SPI Manager: 360-424-7619 x210 jgold@spi-ind.com
-> George Emmerson,  SPI President: gemmerson@spi-ind.com
-> Mark Emmerson,  SPI Chief Financial Officer: memmerson@spi-ind.com
-> Kendall Pierson, President of SPI Windows Division: kpierson@spi-ind.com
-> Mark Pawlicki, SPI Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability: mpawlicki@spi-ind.com
-> Tom Takach, SPI Vice President of Operations for Windows Division: ttakach@spi-ind.com

DNR Northwest Region: 360-856-3500, northwest.region@dnr.wa.gov

SVENA contacted DNR Northwest Region, WSDOT Northwest Region, US Forest Service and other government / non-government organizations and private companies and requested that they work on reduction of toxic spraying in the Skykomish River Valley.

SVENA is working to bring a substantial value and benefit to the Skykomish Valley. Wallace Falls kidPlease support our efforts and visit SVENA website, become a sponsor or a member, join our Facebook Group, or simply click on a “Like” button at our Facebook page. Please spread the word, share this page with your family, friends and neighbors, let us know if you have questions / economic, public health or environmental concerns, interesting facts, photos, if you would like to add someone to the mailing list or to opt out of receiving SVENA updates.

Warm regards,

Inessa Pearce
SVENA (Skykomish Valley Environmental & Economic Alliance)