6-2016 Update

Dear Sky Valley Residents,

  • SVENA stands for Skykomish Valley Environmental & Economic Alliance. This young
    SVENA logo

    Logo of SVENA

    nonprofit formed last year after a massive herbicide spray on tree farms in Sultan Startup area. Herbicides are toxic chemicals that pose a tremendous threat to public health and safety and the environment. Please find more info on CHEMICAL SPRAYING page at SVENA website.

  • We hope you and your family had a safe and fun 4th of July holiday. Mother Nature brought us rain which reduced fire and safety hazards with fireworks. We hope that the valley residents took care of their fireworks trash. An interesting article in backcountryattitude.com gives facts about chemistry, safety and alternatives for fireworks. The May wildfire in the Gold Bar area, that spread to about 400 acres in two days, is still under investigation. We do not want another one here, in Sky Valley.
  • The Seattle Times published an article on 6-5-2016 in the Opinion section titled “The Next Public Lands Commissioner? A Reformer”. You can also find a link to the article at SVENA home page https://svena.org/ as it is relevant to our mission to protect an environmentally and economically sustainable future of the Skykomish River Valley. It is a part of the famous Cascade Loop with Hwy 2 as the National Scenic Byway.
    gold bar photo

    Skykomish River Valley, view to the East

    Skykomish River is legally protected as the National Wild Scenic River. Tourism and recreation is a 2-billion-dollar industry in the Snohomish County with annually 175 thousand visitors to Wallace Falls State Park, 350 thousand visitors to Stevens Pass Ski Resort, and 4.2 million cars passing through the valley. Please read the article and let us know what you think by commenting at the bottom of this page, posting at SVENA Facebook group page or sending an email to svenaofsky@gmail.com.

  • On 4-27-2016, WFLC (Washington Forest Law Center) filed a petition from three non-profit organizations (including SVENA) to FPB (WA Forest Practices Board) for better notice and disclosure for aerially-sprayed toxic forest chemicals. You can find a link to the petition, more information and an example of a comment on CHEMICAL SPRAYING page of our website. See an example of a support letter here. Please send your comment/ letter of support for the petition to the FPB’s email address practicesboard@dnr.wa.gov. Comment period has been extended. You and your comments/letters are very important to our government.
  • Cause for Alarm, article on 6-30-2016 in inlander.com, America’s best read urban weekly. Residents of a remote part of Stevens County say something is making them sick, but no one is sure exactly what it is.
  • We monitor logging and chemical spraying in Sky Valley. Please find upcoming tree farming activities in Summary for the latest FPAs (Forest Practice Applications) and some more info. You can also be notified individually, by email, of upcoming Forest Practice Activities (logging, spraying, etc) near your property, if you become a FPARS (Forest Practices Application Review System) reviewer with the DNR (WA Department of Natural Resources). Please see three simple steps for becoming FPA reviewer.
  • One of our members created a map of approximate locations for recent timber sales next to Wallace Falls State Park (WFSP), one of Washington’s busiest and most popular parks, with 175 thousand visitors annually.  New timber sales coming on a regular basis.  This map will be updated monthly and loaded to our website. You can also find a link to the map on LOGGING AND PETITION page at our website. According to DNR (WA State Department of Natural Resources), this is just a start for a big plan for this area. If all goes as planned, this area soon will look like Haystack Mountain, that is located directly South of WFSP. Clearcut logging negatively affects

    Haystack Mountain, summer 2016

    WFSP and is devastating to the tourism and recreation industry of the Snohomish County.

  • Puget Sound has a big salmon crisis. Some people believe that “salmon are a measurement of the health of our environment in the Pacific Northwest” (PCC Sound Consumer, 6-2016). This year was the worst for salmon return to Puget Sound. Loss of habitat, chemical pollution, overfishing and high mortality of hatcheries’ juveniles contribute to the fast decline and potential extinction of this important ecological, cultural and economic part of our region. Puget Sound salmon fishing effectively closed after stalemate between state and tribal fisheries, article in the Seattle Times on 5-6-2016.Salmon run 2
  • On Saturday 6-25-2016, Sultan had a cleanup day. A dozen volunteers started a paint
    Sultan cleanup day 6-2016

    President of SVENA Inessa Pearce and other volunteers painting crosswalks on Sultan cleanup day

    over job for crosswalks that is so needed in Sultan. Great start for a better look! A fresh coat of paint is an excellent idea for Sultan’s Main Street and Hwy 2 Streets which face 4.2 million cars with tourists passing by. Aesthetics, or good looks of our towns and environment are important if we want our tourism industry to thrive.

  • Fun facts 🙂  Impact of food production on environment: This Is How Much Water It Takes To Make Your Favorite Foods, article at huffingtonpost.com. Water needed  to produce 1 pound of:
    Beef – 1850 gallons Eggs – 400 gallons
    Sheep – 1250 gallons Cheese – 380 gallons
    Pork – 720 gallons Butter – 670 gallons
    Chicken – 520 gallons Milk – 120 gallons
  • While working countless volunteer hours and covering non-profit’s expenses, we believe SVENA brings a significant value to the people and environment of Sky Valley. Please support our efforts so that you and your family have a more beautiful, healthier and safer valley with a thriving sustainable economy.  We will be happy to have you as a Sponsor, a Member, sharing your talents as a Volunteer, joining our Facebook Group and sharing information with your family, friends and neighbors, or even by clicking on a “Like” button on our Facebook page.

Please spread the word, let us know if you have questions / environmental or tourism concerns / interesting facts, if you would like to add someone to the mailing list or to opt out of receiving SVENA updates.

Warm regards,

Inessa Pearce
SVENA (Skykomish Valley Environmental & Economic Alliance)


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