7-2017 Update

Dear Sky Valley Residents,

SVENA stands for Skykomish Valley Environmental & Economic Alliance. Our mission is
to protect an environmentally and economically sustainable future of the Skykomish Father-sonRiver Valley. We are working towards a safer, cleaner, healthier, more beautiful and economically sustainable place to live, work and visit. You can find more information at our website

SVENA does not affiliate with any political party and supports candidates who have similar goals and vision.


  1. Primary elections deadline is August 1, 8 pm.
  2. SVENA is endorsing Kristin Kelly for a position of the Snohomish County Council
    member, District 5. Please cast your vote for Kristin!
    More info
  3. Toxic aerial spraying this fall. Active spray FPAs (Forest Practice Applications). Change.org petition against aerial toxic pesticide spraying in Sky Valley that is coming this fall. Please support and sign. More info
  4. Latest FPAs (Forest Practice Applications) for Skykomish River Valley.

  1. Your knowledge and wisdom count. We should use collective wisdom to make a better place for our kids, families and future generations. Primary elections deadline is August 1, 8 pm. If you care about Sky Valley, please vote!

Information for Elections and Voter Registration

Snohomish County Local Voters’ Pamphlet, August 1 2017 Primary

Kristin Photo 2015--final

  1.  SVENA is endorsing Kristin Kelly for a position of the Snohomish County Council
    member, District 5.
    She is highly qualified to be our representative at the Snohomish County Council. This position is VERY important for the Skykomish River Valley, its economy, environment, traffic, infrastructure and many other urgent problems. You can learn more about Kristin at her campaign’s website and Facebook page. Contact info: kkellyforcouncil@gmail.com or (360) 962-6157.

You can show your support by walking with Kristin at the Aquafest Parade at Lake Stevens this Saturday July 29 at 1 pm.Kristin at Sultan Shindig 7-2017

Please vote for Kristin and for cleaner, healthier Sky Valley with a vibrant, more
sustainable economy!

  1. More toxic big-scale aerial spraying coming to Sky Valley this fall. To stop this atrocity, we started a petition on Change.org titled “Use alternative methods, NOT toxic aerial sprays on industrial tree farms in Sky Valley, WA”. It has simple and clear information. Please join us by signing this petition, spreading the word and helping halt toxic rains every spring and fall in the Skykomish River Valley so that it is a better place for our kids and families.

Research and monitoring show that after spraying, pesticides can drift in air, run off and leach into groundwater, be washed downhill/downstream by rain, potentially contaminate drinking water sources and sicken residents in the neighboring communities.

Active ingredients in those sprays are numerous and include toxic chemicals such as Glyphosate (one common brand name containing Glyphosate is Roundup), Imazapyr, Metsulfuron methyl and Sulfometuron methyl.

Some irreversible health effects for humans include reduced production of sex hormones, damage to human cells particularly in fetuses, miscarriages, attention deficit disorder, increased risks of the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer, irritation to eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. More information is in the Fact Sheet for Active Ingredients and Pesticide Properties Database, University of Hertfordshire, UK.


FPA (Forest Practice Application) for pesticide spraying is valid for 3 years. Spraying can take place any time during those 3 years from the date of approval.

New spray FPA 2815918  (Forest Practice Application) for toxic aerial pesticide application on industrial tree farms was filed 7-21-2017 by Weyerhaeuser. This spray is planned in the Gold Bar and Proctor Creek area.  Comments are due 8-4-2017. Before it is approved, please share your thoughts about this future toxic spray with the Northwest Region office of DNR northwest.region@dnr.wa.gov (360-856-3500), the permittee Kelly.Dougherty@weyerhaeuser.com (912-318-4627), and also with other officials in our Contact List for Press and Elected and Resources.

2016 active spray applications for Skykomish River Valley:toxic-chemical sign
2815371 by Springboard Wallace Falls (Campbell Global)
2815270 by Weyerhaeuser
2015 active spray applications for Skykomish River Valley:
2814793 by Springboard Wallace Falls (Campbell Global)
2814707 by Weyerhaeuser
2814705 by Springboard Wallace Falls (Campbell Global)

Chapter 35.88 RCW “Water Pollution—Protection From”
RCW 70.54.010 “Polluting Water Supply – Penalty”

Timberland Herbicide Spraying Sickens a Community, article in High Country News 10-4-2014

More info for toxic spraying

  1. It takes only a couple of minutes to check the latest FPAs for Sky Valley (Forest Practice Applications) and more info for FPAs. We encourage that you look out for your neighborhood and watershed in terms of logging, toxic chemical spraying and trash that can affect your and your family’s health, safety, and value of your property and business. More info is in three simple steps for becoming an FPA reviewer.

SVENA is working to bring a substantial value and benefit to the Skykomish Valley.
Please support our efforts and visit
SVENA website, become a sponsor or a member, join our Facebook Group, or simply click on a “Like” button on our Facebook page. Please Wallace Falls kidspread the word, share this page with your family, friends and neighbors, let us know if you have questions / economic, public health or environmental concerns / interesting facts or photos, if you would like to add someone to the mailing list or to opt out of receiving SVENA updates.

Warm regards,

Inessa Pearce
SVENA (Skykomish Valley Environmental & Economic Alliance)