9-2017 Update

Dear Sky Valley Residents,

SVENA stands for Skykomish Valley Environmental & Economic Alliance. Our mission is to protect an environmentally and economically sustainable future of the Skykomish SVENA logoRiver Valley. We are working towards a safer, cleaner, healthier, more beautiful and economically sustainable place to live, work and visit. You can find more information at our website svena.org.

SVENA does not affiliate with any political party and supports candidates who have similar goals and vision.


  1. General election deadline is November 7, 8 pm.
  2. SVENA is endorsing Kristin Kelly for a position of the Snohomish County Council member, District 5. Please cast your vote for Kristin! More info
  3. Toxic aerial spraying this fall. Active spray FPAs (Forest Practice Applications). Change.org petition against aerial toxic pesticide spraying in Sky Valley that is going this fall. Please support and sign. More info
  4. Environmental group challenges aerial spraying, Monroe Monitor 9-26-2017
  5. The Poison Papers Project
  6. The latest FPAs (Forest Practice Applications) for Skykomish River Valley.

  1. General election deadline is November 7, 8 pm.

Information for Elections and Voter Registration

  1. SVENA is endorsing Kristin Kelly for a position of the Snohomish County Council member, District 5. She is highly qualified to be our representative at the Kristin Photo 2015--finalSnohomish County Council. This position is VERY important for the Skykomish River Valley, its economy, environment, traffic, infrastructure and many other urgent problems. You can learn more about Kristin at her campaign’s website and Facebook page. Contact info: kkellyforcouncil@gmail.com or (360) 962-6157.


Address: 13715 310th Ave. SE, Sultan, WA 98294

We are asking that you have and show respect for both candidates, their campaigns and signs.

  1. Please sign and share our change.org petitionUse alternative methods, NOT toxic aerial spray on industrial tree farms in Sky Valley, WA” against massive toxic aerial spraying on industrial tree farms in Sky Valley. We currently have over 290 signatures by Spraying pagelocal residents and are aiming at 500 by November 1. This petition is one way we are working to halt annual toxic rains over Sky Valley.

Two local organizations signed the petition: Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) on behalf of 14,000 members, and Pilchuck Audubon Society (PAS) on behalf of 1,400 members.

A link for the petition was sent to the boards of directors of Weyerhaeuser, Campbell Global, Sierra Pacific Industries, WA State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Hilary Franz (WA State Commissioner of Public Lands), WA State Board of Natural Resources (BNR), Forest Practices Board (FPB of DNR). No response yet.

We invited Senator Pearson, Representative Kristiansen and all their fellow WA State senators, representatives and their families to come and observe aerial toxic pesticide spraying in our Valley, that takes place in dry, calm weather. We also asked them to think about how to strengthen WA State laws that protect watersheds of public and private water sources against toxic chemical pollution and to meet and discuss this topic. No response yet.

Chapter 35.88 RCW “Water Pollution—Protection From”

RCW 70.54.010 “Polluting Water Supply – Penalty”

Clean Water Act (EPA summary)

Safe Drinking Water Act (EPA summary)

Timber corporations aerially spray pesticides on tree farms in dry, calm weather.

According to Weyerhaeuser, the company will execute aerial pesticide sprays on industrial tree farms in Sky Valley (Proctor Creek area, not far from fire site of May 2016) any time October 1-31.

Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) did and will execute aerial pesticide sprays in Sky Valley any time starting September 15, 2017. It will not disclose exact times of sprays in order to keep its employees safe.

A total of 1200 ac of toxic aerial pesticide spraying is planned in September in Sky Valley by Sierra Pacific in the Gold Bar, Sultan and Monroe areas, and in October by Weyerhaeuser in the Gold Bar/Proctor Creek area. 907 ac of aerial spraying is planned by Weyerhaeuser in the Granite Falls area.

List of Forest Practice Applications (FPAs):

2815918  (Gold Bar/Proctor Creek area), 2815916 (Granite Falls area, 907 ac) by Weyerhaeuser; 2815962 , 2815963 (Gold Bar area); 2815964, 2815965, 2815986, 2815987 (Sultan area), 2815966 (Monroe area) by Sierra Pacific.

Active ingredients include 2,4-D, Glyphosate, Imazapyr, Triclopyr and more. 2,4-D was half of the “Agent Orange” defoliant that was used in the Vietnam War. These toxic chemicals are linked to  causing different types of cancer, reproductive problems, eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation and much more. These toxics can drift in air and water potentially contaminating surface and groundwater including public and private water sources.




Spray Zones, Sky Valley Sept 2017

SVENA comments for spray FPAs, fall 2017

In extreme situation of aerial spraying in your area, you can request observers from the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health. Information for Authorities

What to do before, during and after toxic aerial spraying

Information resources:

Chemical spraying page at svena.org

Pesticide Properties Database, University of Hertfordshire, UK


Information for Authorities

Timberland Herbicide Spraying Sickens a Community, article in High Country News 10-4-2014

We highly recommend using reverse osmosis (RO) filter for your drinking water: Spring RCC7 WQA Gold Seal Certified 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System – 75 GPD $186 on Amazon. Free shipping. 5 out of 5 stars. 3000 reviews. Reverse osmosis filtration is the only methode that removes pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals from water. 

Research paper: Pharmaceuticals and pesticides in reclaimed water: Efficiency assessment of a microfiltration–reverse osmosis (MF–RO) pilot plant, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 282, 1-23-2015, Pages 165–173; Advances in Analysis, Treatment Technologies, and Environmental Fate of Emerging Contaminants

4. Environmental group challenges aerial spraying, Monroe Monitor 9-26-2017

5. The Poison Papers Project : The “Poison Papers” represent a vast trove of rediscovered chemical industry and regulatory agency documents and correspondence stretching back to the 1920s. Taken as a whole, the papers show that both industry and regulators understood the extraordinary toxicity of many chemical products and worked together to conceal this information from the public and the press. These papers will transform our understanding of the hazards posed by certain chemicals on the market and the fraudulence of some of the regulatory processes relied upon to protect human health and the environment.

And another fun read: U.S. Right to Know

6. It takes only a couple of minutes to check the latest FPAs for Sky Valley (Forest Practice Applications) and more info for FPAs. We encourage that you look out for your neighborhood and watershed in terms of logging, toxic chemical spraying and trash that can affect your health and safety as well as those of your family. The value of your property and business depend on your vigilance. More info is in three simple steps for becoming an FPA reviewer.Wallace Falls kid

If you are concerned, you can also call the timber companies, ask questions and express your worries, ask to be notified between 3 days to 2 weeks in advance, if they do spray, write letters to the editor of your local newspaper, contact TV and radio, tell your neighbors and community about the proposed spray, disperse information on social media etc – please be proactive and creative, but also respectful and non-violent. Not many people know that toxic aerial spraying happens in Sky Valley but would be concerned, if they knew. Most importantly, keep yourself and your family safe.

SVENA is working to bring a substantial value and benefit to the Skykomish Valley. Please support our efforts and visit SVENA website, become a sponsor or a member, join Father-sonour Facebook Group, or simply click on a “Like” button on our Facebook page. Please spread the word, share this page with your family, friends and neighbors, let us know if you have questions / economic, public health or environmental concerns / interesting facts or photos, if you would like to add someone to the mailing list or to opt out of receiving SVENA updates.

Warm regards,

Inessa Pearce
SVENA (Skykomish Valley Environmental & Economic Alliance)